Life Is More Than Work And Netflix... Learn How To Level Up At

Happening November 8th - 10th

Come Away With The Knowledge To Live Awake, Aware, And Fully Alive

What Is AMPLIFY All About?

  • AWAKEN Dormant Potential.

    Accepting the status quo, taking less than you're worth, and staying quiet or still while others move and grow around you is... a choice. Let's make a new one.

  • Become AWARE Of Yourself In Each Moment

    We each are driven by a set of beliefs and "programs" that in most cases we didn't choose. In fact, most of who we are is implanted by others... but, you don't have to let that be your truth.

  • No More Numbing Out... Be ALIVE And Connect.

    Alcohol, Sex, Working long hours, Netflix all weekend, Emotional disconnections... these are all forms of "Numbing Out" to real life and your real potential and happiness. Find out what drives you and how to make it work for you.

  • The OPPORTUNITY To Work On You...

    Doesn't come around often... Let's face it, most will gladly give of themselves FOR OTHERS before they will give to themselves. Maybe it's time to be a little more selfish. You can provide more to others from a place of strength than any other state of being.

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