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Bridge The Gap Between Where You Are Now... And Where You Want To Be.


Happening November 8th - 10th In Flagstaff, AZ

AMPLIFY Is An Opportunity

Get back in touch with the part of you that wants to have more, bigger, and better with a small group of like-minded individuals seeking to do the same in by exploring what that looks like for body, mind, and spirit.


The modern world is full of things... usually things that demand attention, resources, and focus. When you get sucked into the grind of it all, it's easy to feel like the meaning behind our days is lost.


It feels almost like you're living a life of quiet desperation. Wanting things to change, but not seeing a clear path out. You know a change is necessary, but what does that look like? There is part of you that doesn't know how move toward what you really desire... and maybe you've begun to settle.


Don't. Do. That.


Let's take a closer look. Let's unlock more of your capabilities. At AMPLIFY, you'll get the opportunity to do just that.


AMPLIFY Is An Adventure

We're going on a journey... one that takes you inside yourself for a close look at what drives you, and outside to find your physical strength and voice. You'll connect with your authenticity and learn how to awaken the best in you.   


I once heard Tony Robbins say that people only change for two reasons: Inspiration or Desperation. I have see this many times.


For most, desperation will be the driver. Things are allowed to become so uncomfortable that change is mandatory. You see this in Relationships, Fitness, and Finances all the time.

The spouse threatens to leave, the body starts to fall apart, or the bank account is empty... so you have to do something now


What if you were Driven internally by the adventure that you chose to have in your life such that you could operate from Inspiration? Wouldn't that feel better than desperation or obligation?

Why are YOU here... What do you want... AMPLIFY will take you on an adventure to find the answer.


AMPLIFY Is An Awakening

Have you ever woke up and found yourself going through the motions or living into other people's expectations of you? You're a master at getting things done, they just may not be the things you really want to be doing. But, you don't dare address those feelings.


In fact, rather than address those feelings, you go numb.


This takes many forms. Some people work 18 hour days because they don't want to go home. Some drink. Some go the "Netflix and chill" route for hours on end, while their loved ones sit alone waiting for genuine connection that never seems to come until there's a blow up or a cold shoulder.


Once you understand your why, your purpose, your true abilities and capacities as a spouse, parent, or even inside the context of your work... you will awaken to all the opportunities around leveling up in your life.


And, there's always another level. Who would you be if you awoke to the real potential of your body? Or the real potential of your relationship? Even the real potential of you as an individual, if you were able to shed the negative beliefs you hold about you and step into being an agent of your own design and development...


Life gets shorter every day... Let's live it with eyes wide open and bring our best selves to each challenge each day.

Opportunity: Examine Yourself

Adventure: Locate Yourself

Awaken: Step Into Yourself

AMPLIFY Is An All Inclusive Retreat Designed To Bring Out The Best Version Of You.

We've taken care of the accommodations... We are taking over a 5500 square foot home that sits on acres of beautiful land just outside of Flagstaff, Arizona.


We have spots available for only 16 12 people as of now... Your food: Included. Your lodging: Included. Your training: Included.


You'll be well taken care of while you spend the weekend focused on your development and expansion with others on the same path. The environment is one of honesty, depth, support, and community.


Trainings will include a combination of physical activity and discussions designed to help you advance toward your targets and expand as a person.


NOTE: All Ages, Fitness Levels, And Personal Development Experiences Welcome!   

What To Expect.

  • Time To Focus On You: This is an opportunity to learn and put in practice tools that will propel you toward your next evolution. Plan for no distractions. 

  • Time To Reflect And Ask For Feedback: Possibly two of the most valuable tools you'll work with this weekend. Having time to really understand your drivers and your why coupled with how you are really showing up to others is rarely available today. You'll go deep with this.

  • Physical Movement: We have professional trainers and physical therapists on staff. They have designed a program to elevate your perceptions of what is possible for your body from several angles: fitness, nutrition, and energy level.

  • Good Quality Food: The dishes will be both tasty and healthy with options for any diet. Prep lends itself more toward fine dining than campfire or cafeteria fair. Each dish will be prepared on site by a cook with 30 years of experience in the kitchen. 

Your Experience Begins...

  • Check in begins at 4PM Friday November 8th in Flag. We will end and say wish one another well Sunday November 10th early afternoon .

  • You'll have your own sleeping area, bed, and all food and drink is provided as part of your all inclusive experience. Dietary considerations can be made with our cook. You will be well cared for over the course of the weekend.

  • Bring comfortable clothes, something you can work out in or get wet in, and anything you require for basic hygiene. 

  • Bring anything you'd like to use to note your experience or remember key points and discoveries about yourself and your experience.


Join Us For AMPLIFY 2019

Once of the most difficult things a person can do... is take themselves on. This experience will guide through the process of recognizing opportunities you have to elevate the state of your body and mind and give you practical tools to take action to find more, bigger, and better in your life.

Hit Your Targets

Learn to structure your days to serve you in the act of hitting your goals.

Guard Your Mind

Your mindset is everything. And, your mind is fertile ground. Take care the seeds you cast.

And Level Up

No matter who you are or how far you've come, there is always another level.

Only 12 Tickets Remain

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Happening Nov 8th - 10th.

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AMPLIFY 2019 Is Limited To A Small Group

It's About Building Better Humans

Our stated mission is to arm humans with the tools to crush mediocrity, create mastery and live in total wellness.

Become part of the tribe that is working to better humanity. Over the years I have been to countless seminars, spent thousands of dollars, and traveled great distances just to get a glimpse of who I really am. Growing up, the tools I have access to today were not available to me or anyone I knew.


We want to change that. We're all better off when more people are winning.


Jason, Cristina, Nate & Brianne

​Reserve Your Spot Today!

AMPLIFY 2019 Is Limited To A Small Group

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